Angular Js React Js & Node Js Projects

1. Advanced Car & Scooty Training Driving School Management System
2. Advanced Employee Management System Project Using PHP
3. Advanced Intelligent Tourist Guide
4. Canteen Food Ordering and Management System
5. College Admission Predictor Php
6. College E Print Service Management
7. College Forums with Alumni Based on Content Filtering
8. College Social Network Project Php
9. CRM For Internet Service Provider Php
10. Customer Focused Ecommerce Site With AI Bot
11. Customer Targeted E-Commerce
12. Data Mining for Sales Prediction in Tourism Industry
13. Diabetes Prediction Using Data Mining
14. E Commerce for Online Medicine Shopping
15. Employee Performance Evaluation & Appraisal Calculation using Data Mining
16. Employee Transport Management System Project
17. ERP System For College Management Php
18. E-Visa Processing & Follow Up System
19. General Task Allocation and Auction Community System
20. Hotel Recommendation System Based on Hybrid Recommendation Model
21. Increase Productivity Using Quality Management System
22. Industrial Visit Planning & Booking System
23. Internet based Discussion Forum
24. Loss Prevention System in Stock Market Trading
25. On Road Vehicle Breakdown Assistance Finder
26. Online Faculty Staff Directory for Multi University
27. Online Health Shopping Portal With Product Recommendation
28. Online Paying Guest Accommodation Project in PHP
29. Online Personal Counselling
30. Online Secondhand Book Buying & Selling Portal
31. Online Transaction Fraud Detection using Backlogging on E-Commerce Website
32. Secured Merchant Payment using Biometric Transaction
33. Workflow Management System for MNC