Artificial Intelligence Projects

1. A Commodity Search System For Online Shopping Using Web Mining
2. AI Desktop Partner
3. AI Mental Health Therapist Chatbot
4. Android Attendance System
5. Android General Knowledge Chatbot
6. Android Smart City Traveler
7. Artificial Intelligence Dietician
8. Artificial Intelligence HealthCare Chatbot System
9. Auto capture Selfie by Detecting Smile Python
10. Automatic Answer Checker
11. Automatic Pronunciation Mistake Detector
12. Banking Bot Project
13. Blockchain Based Antiques Verification System
14. Cancer Prediction using Naive Bayes
15. Car Lane Detection Using NumPy OpenCV Python
16. Chatbot Assistant System using Python
17. College Enquiry Chat Bot
18. Credit Card Fraud Detection System Python
19. Cryptocurrency price prediction using Machine Learning Python
20. Customer Focused Ecommerce Site With AI Bot
21. Customer Targeted E-Commerce
22. Dental Caries Detection System using Python
23. Depression Detection System using Python
24. Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using Python
25. Ecommerce Fake Product Reviews Monitor and Deletion System
26. Face Recognition Attendance System using Python
27. Facial Emotion Detection using Neural Networks
28. Facial Emotion Recognition and Detection in Python using Deep Learning
29. Fake Product Review Monitoring & Removal For Genuine Ratings Php
30. Heart Disease Prediction Project
31. Heart Failure Prediction System
32. Human Detector and Counter using Python
33. Intelligent Chat Bot
34. Intelligent Tourist System Project
35. Intelligent Video Surveillance Using Deep Learning System
36. Lane-Line Detection System in Python using OpenCV
37. Leaf Detection System using OpenCV Python
38. Learning Disability Detector and Classifier System
39. Movie Success Prediction System using Python
40. Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining Php
41. Music Genres Classification using KNN System
42. Music Recommendation System by Facial Emotion
43. Online AI Shopping With M-Wallet System
44. Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker Project using Data Mining
45. Online Book Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering
46. Online Logistic Chatbot System
47. Parkinson’s Detector System using Python
48. Personality Prediction System Through CV Analysis
49. Pneumonia Detection using Chest X-Ray
50. Predicting House Price Using Decision Tree
51. Price Negotiator Ecommerce ChatBot System
52. Product Review Analysis For Genuine Rating
53. Python Doctor Appointment Booking System
54. Question paper generator system
55. Read Me My Book App
56. Sentiment Based Movie Rating System
57. Sign Language Recognition Using Python
58. Signature Verification System Using CNN
59. Signature verification System using Python
60. Skin Disease Detection System Using CNN
61. Smart Health Consulting Project
62. Smart Time Table Generation Flutter App Using Genetic Algorithm
63. Speech Emotion Detection System using Python
64. Stock Market Analysis and Prediction
65. Stream Analysis For Career Choice Aptitude Tests
66. Student Feedback Review System using Python
67. Student Information Chatbot Project
68. Teachers Automatic Time-Table Software Generation System using PHP
69. Traffic Sign Recognition System using CNN
70. Transformer Conversational Chatbot in Python using TensorFlow 2.0
71. TV Show Popularity Analysis Using Data Mining
72. Twitter Trend Analysis Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation
73. Use of Pose Estimation in Elderly People using Python
74. Voice based Intelligent Virtual Assistance for Windows
75. Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
76. Yoga Poses Detection using OpenPose
77. Your Personal Nutritionist Using FatSecret API