AVR Microcontroller Atmega Projects

1. 4 Slot Coin Operated Cola Vending Machine
2. 360° Filmmaking Drone For 4K HD Video
3. Accident Avoiding System with Crash Detection and GPS Notification
4. Accident Identification and alerting project
5. ACPWM Control System for Induction Motor using AVR Microcontroller
6. Advanced Footstep Power Generation System
7. Advanced Footstep Power Generation System using RFID for Charging
8. Advanced Mosquito Killer Machine
9. Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine Locking Project
10. Alcohol Sensing Display With Alarm Project
11. Android Controlled Robotic Arm
12. Android Powered Juice Vending Machine
13. Anti Drowning System With Remote Alert
14. Arduino Covid Disinfection Box
15. Arduino Multi Player Air Hockey Table
16. Atmega based Plant Irrigation System using Capacitive Moisture Sensor
17. ATMEGA Microcontroller based Commercial Power Saver Project
18. Auto Temperature Detector for Entrance For Covid Safety
19. Automated Car Parking With Empty Slot Detection
20. Automated Paralysis Patient Healthcare System Project
21. Automated Vehicle Umbrella Tent for Hailstorm Protection
22. Automatic Lemon Juice Vending Machine
23. Automatic Noise Level Monitor & Controller System
24. Automatic Rain Water Sensing Umbrella
25. Automatic Unauthorized Parking Detector With SMS Notification To Owner
26. Barcode Scanner & Display using Arduino
27. Bill Prediction & Power Factor Measuring With SMS Alert
28. Billing System Based On RFID
29. Biometric Attendance System Over IOT
30. Biometric based Exam Gate Authentication System with SMS Alert
31. Canteen and Cafeteria Management System using RFID
32. Cashless Money Transfer Wrist Band
33. CNG/LPG Gas Accident Prevention With Gsm Alert
34. CNG/LPG Gas Leakage Accident Prevention System
35. Coin Based Water Dispenser System
36. COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Storage Box
37. DC Motor Speed Control Using GSM
38. Design and Fabrication of Vertically Wall Climbing Glass Cleaning Robot
39. Digital Car Turning and Braking Indicator
40. Digital Nameplate with Visitor Sensing
41. DIY Bluetooth Gamepad for Android Gaming
42. DIY Oxygen Concentrator Generator For Covid 19
43. DIY Power Bank with Plasma Lighter
44. DIY Ventilator using Arduino For Covid Pandemic
45. Dry Handwashing Machine By Fog Disinfection To Save Water
46. Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Weather Sensor
47. Dual Power Generation Solar Plus Windmill Generator
48. Energy Meter Monitoring Over IOT
49. Fingerprint Authenticated Device Switcher
50. Fingerprint Bank Locker
51. Fingerprint Based Bank Locker System
52. Fingerprint Based Exam Hall Authentication
53. Fingerprint Based Security System
54. Fingerprint Vehicle Starter Project
55. Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System
56. Fire Fighter Robot with Fire Resistant Body
57. Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter
58. Gesture Control Bicycle Indicator Gloves
59. GPS Vehicle Tracking & Theft Detection
60. Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System using IOT Project
61. Grid Tie Rotating Solar Rooftop System Atmega
62. GSM based Industry Protection System
63. Gsm Based Weather Reporting (Temperature/Light/Humidity)
64. GSM Patient Health Monitoring
65. Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm
66. Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle
67. Heart Attack Detection By Heart Beat Sensing
68. Heart Rate Monitoring using Flexible Printed Circuit Board
69. High Performance Hovercraft With Power Turning
70. Hovercraft Controlled By Android
71. Hybrid Inverter With Solar Battery Charging
72. Induction Motor Controller and Protection System
73. Induction Motor Speed & Direction Controller
74. Induction Motor Speed Controller Project
75. Industrial Production Line Counter System
76. IOT Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System
77. IOT Alcohol & Health Monitoring System
78. IOT Asset tracking System
79. IOT Based Antenna Positioning System
80. IOT Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Rescue System
81. IOT Based Heart Monitoring System Using ECG
82. IOT Based ICU Patient Monitoring System
83. IOT based Manhole Detection and Monitoring System
84. IOT Based Person/Wheelchair Fall Detection
85. IOT based Smart Energy Meter Monitoring with Theft Detection
86. IOT based Three Phase Power Failure Monitoring with SMS Alerts
87. IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System
88. IOT Car Parking System
89. IOT Circuit Breaker Project
90. IOT Covid Patient Health Monitor in Quarantine
91. IOT Electronic Door Opener
92. IOT Energy Meter with Current, Voltage and Cost Monitoring System
93. IOT Garbage Monitoring System
94. IOT Garbage Monitoring With Weight Sensing
95. IOT Heart Attack Detection & Heart Rate Monitor
96. IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System
97. IOT IV Bag Monitoring and Alert System
98. IOT Liquid Level Monitoring System
99. IOT Mining Tracking & Worker Safety Helmet
100. IOT Paralysis Patient Health Care Project
101. IOT Patient Health Monitoring Project
102. IOT Prison Break Monitoring & Alerting System
103. IOT Smart Parking Using RFID
104. IOT Streetlight Controller System
105. IOT Traffic Signal Monitoring & Controller System
106. IOT Weather Reporting System
107. Joystick Controlled Steering Mechanism Vehicle
108. LIDAR based Self Driving Car
109. Lifi Data Transfer System
110. Load Sensing Seats With Lights Fan Control
111. Mini Windmill Power Generation Project
112. Mobile Charging On Coin Insertion
113. Mobile Phone & Cash UV Disinfector for COVID
114. Motion Based Home Automation & Temperature Controller
115. Motion Based Maze Solver Using Android
116. Motion Controlled Pick & Place Obstacle Avoider Robot
117. Mountain Climber Health & GPS Tracker
118. Multicontroller based Wheelchair Safety using Android, Touch, Speech & Gesture Control
119. Obstacle Detection using 360 Degree Military LIDAR Scanner
120. Path Planner Robot for Indoor Positionin
121. Portable Bluetooth Printer Project
122. Portable Health Checker Device with Blood Oxygen Monitor Project
123. Portable Induction Cooktop With Time/Temp Settings
124. Prepaid Electricity Billing Meter
125. Prepaid Energy Meter With Theft Detection
126. Programmable Energy Meter With Bill Estimation
127. Quadriplegics Wheelchair Control by Head Motion using Accelerometer
128. Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper
129. Regenerative Breaking With Power Monitor
130. Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Using Rf
131. Remote Stepper Motor Controller System
132. RFID Based Petrol Pump Automation System
133. RFID Based Smart Master Card For Bus Train Metro Ticketing
134. RFID Mobile Charging System
135. RFID Token Based Appointment Calling System
136. Robotic Solar Lawn Mower with Theft Detection
137. Rotating Solar Inverter Project using Microcontroller 50W
138. Rough Terrain Beetle Robot
139. RTC Based Pump Switcher
140. Secure Fingerprint Bank Locker With Image Capture
141. Self Balancing Robot Project
142. Smart Home Automation System with Light Dimmer
143. Smart Room Temperature Controller Atmega
144. Smart Solar Grass Cutter With Lawn Coverage
145. Smart Wireless Battery Charging With Charge Monitor Project
146. Social Distancing & Mask Monitor Drone For COVID
147. Social Distancing ID Card
148. Solar Floor Cleaner Robot
149. Solar Peizo Hybrid Power Charging System
150. Solar Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging System
151. Soldier Health & Position Tracking System
152. Third Eye For Blind Ultrasonic Vibrator Glove
153. Traffic Density Control With Android Override Using Avr
154. Ultrasonic Blind Stick With GPS Tracking
155. Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick
156. Ultrasonic Glasses For the Blind
157. Vehicle Movement Street Light With Light Sensing Atmega
158. Vehicle Speed Limiter Project
159. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine With Inverter
160. Voice controlled wheelchair for physically disabled
161. Wearable Health Monitoring System Project
162. Wifi Based Secure Wireless Communication Using RSA
163. Wireless Humanoid Bionic Arm on Robotic Vehicle
164. Wireless Master Joystick Controller for Robotics
165. Wireless Patient Health Monitoring
166. Zigbee Based Gas Fire Detection System
167. Zigbee Based Room Temperature Controller Project
168. Zigbee Based Secure Wireless Communication Using AES