Cloud Computing Projects

1. Android Offloading Computation Over Cloud
2. Cloud Based Attendance System
3. Cloud Based Bus Pass System
4. Cloud Based Improved File Handling and Duplication Removal Using MD5
5. Cloud Based Local Train Ticketing System
6. Cloud Based Online Blood Bank System
7. Cloud Based Student Information Chatbot Project
8. Cloud computing for Rural banking
9. Customized AES using Pad and Chaff Technique And Diffie Hellman Key Exchange
10. Data Duplication Removal Using File Checksum
11. Detecting Data Leaks via Sql Injection Prevention on an E-Commerce
12. eBug Tracker – Bug Tracking System Project
13. E-Learning Platform using Cloud Computing
14. Intelligent rule-based phishing websites classification Based on URL Features
15. Online Bookstore System On Cloud Infrastructure
16. Secure File Storage On Cloud Using Hybrid Cryptography
17. Secure File Storage On Cloud Using Hybrid Cryptography
18. Secure Text Transfer Using Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Based on Cloud
19. Storage and Energy Efficient Cloud Computing Project
20. University Campus Online Automation Using Cloud Computing