LabVIEW Based Projects

  1. Remote real-time monitoring of a small turbojet engine
  2. LabVIEW Based Adaptive Modeling of Piezo Actuators Used in Electro Pneumatic Positioner
  3. Differential and integral factors of harmonics LabVIEW estimation
  4. Developing a Data Acquisition System for Measuring Microcontroller Energy Consumption using LabVIEW
  5. Study of Remote Monitoring System of Working States of Metro Door system
  6. Fault Diagnosis of Gearbox using EMD and Cepstrum Method based on LABVIEW
  7. Real Time I-V and P-V Curve Tracer Using LabVIEW
  8. Diverter Switch Switching Velocity Measurement
  9. Electronic thermometer with the data transfer by radiochannel
  10. Simulation of control of Pressure Regulating Valve in High Speed Wind Tunnels
  11. Development of Ant Lion Optimizer Toolkit in LabVIEW
  12. Signal Processing in LVDT for automatic calibration
  13. Research on Fault Diagnosis of Diesel Engine Fuel Injector Based on LABVIEW
  14. Design of a four-channel automatic test system for servos
  15. Design and control of power electronic transformer with power factor correction
  16. The measuriment of ferromagnets magnetic characteristics using Labview software
  17. Special Dark Chamber for Spectrum Analysis of Ultraweak Light Emission by Organisms
  18. Design of a Virtual Intrument in LabVIEW for Crimped Connection Temperature Measurement
  19. Photovoltaic Simulator Developed in LabVIEW for Evalution of MPPT Techniques
  20. Design of Model Elevator Control System Based on NI CompactRIO and LabVIEW
  21. Development of a Virtual Instrument for Humidity Measurement
  22. LabVIEW Based Automatic Speed Assistance System in Uncertain Road Conditions
  23. Comparative Analysis of Segmentation Methods for Straw Counting Using LabVIEW
  24. Robotic Arm Activation using Surface Electromyography with LabVIEW
  25. Development of an algorithm for online pulse discrimination in micro-EDM using current and voltage sensors and their comparison
  26. Lab VIEW Based DC Motor Dynamic Load Emulation Testbed for testing Rapid Prototyping Servo Drives
  27. Realizing an integrated system for residential energy harvesting and management
  28. Simulation of Signals in Digital Television Using LabVIEW
  29. Simulation of dynamical systems based on parallel numerical integration methods
  30. LabVIEW Based Four DoF Robotic ARM
  31. Online tuning of fractional order Pl controller using particle swarm optimization
  32. Nonlinear characteristics measurement of piezoelectric ceramics actuator based on LabVIEW
  33. Implementation of Colour Image Steganography using LSB and Edge Detection Technique:A LABVIEW Approach
  34. LabVIEW based tool condition monitoring and control for CNC lathe based on parameter analysis
  35. System design and implementation to control an industrial process through a microcontroller and LabVIEW
  36. Pulse delay control for capacitor voltage balancing in a three- level boost neutral point clamped inverter
  37. Design of a current sensor based on optical fibers
  38. Monitoring and controlling the industrial motor parameters remotely using LabVIEW
  39. Offline and online thermostat experiment with Lab VIEW and Arduino
  40. PID Control of a DC Motor Using Labview Interface for Embedded Platforms
  41. Autonomous Vehicle Using GPS and Magnetometer with HMI on LabVIEW
  42. Solution for Humidity Measurement Using NI PCI 6221 and LabVIEW
  43. Quality Analysis of Electric Energy using an Interface Developed in LabVIEW Environment
  44. Virtual Filter Design Based on LabVIEW Development Platform
  45. Medical Warehouse Monitoring and Control System Using LabVIEW
  46. Chaotic direct sequence spread spectrum software defined radio system model using LabView
  47. Measurement of multi-phase clarke-transformed waveforms using LabVIEW virtual Instrumentation
  48. Design of a Virtual Wavelength Meter using Lab View for Quantum Cascade Laser
  49. Design of the software radar signal generator using LabVIEW
  50. Device for control of magnetic properties of electrical steel for industrial production management system.
  51. Development of Wind Turbine Emulator for Stand-alone Wind Energy Conversion System
  52. Development of a Flower Pollination Algorithm Toolkit in LabVIEW
  53. LabVIEW Simulator for Terrestrial MIMO Communications
  54. Design of an educational laboratory for measurement and data acquisition system
  55. Automation Control of Emissivity Measurement Process Based on LabVIEW
  56. Virtual Instrumentation for No-Load Testing of Induction Motor
  57. Design of Linear Quadratic Regulator for Rotary Inverted Pendulum Using LabVIEW
  58. Measurement automation for small jet engine testing
  59. Remote Measurements in Educational Laboratories Using LabVIEW and DAQ Cards
  60. Testing Methods for Performance of Steering Gear System Based on LabVIEW
  61. Fabrication and Characteristic Analysis of a Remote Real-Time Monitoring Applied to Glucose Sensor System Based on Microfluidic Framework
  62. Express Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty Digital Power Meter in Lab VIEW
  63. Innovative approach for dual control of electromechanical plant
  64. Modelling of healthy and faulty three phase induction motor in LabVIEW
  65. LabVIEW based temperature control platform design for a 4L jacketed reactor
  66. Design of Dual-phase Lock-in Amplifier Used for Weak Signal Detection
  67. LabVIEW based ECG signal acquisition and analysis
  68. PneuNet Based Control System for Soft Robotic Tongue
  69. Cuckoo Search Implementation in LabVIEW
  70. Software for power quality monitoring in model Smart Grid with using Lab View
  71. Development of the generic OFDM based transceiver in the Lab View software environment
  72. Virtual colorimeter for water analysis
  73. Design and Implementation of Remote Triggered LabVIEW based Pl Controller for Level Setup
  74. Embedded MPU based test bench for communication lines used in industrial electrical and electronics products
  75. Signal processing of Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
  76. LabVIEW based system for PID tuning and implementation for a flow control loop
  77. Implementation of a simulator of industrial processes