PIC Microcontroller Projects

1. Android Home Automation Using PIC
2. Auto Baby Cry Detector Sleep Music Player PIC
3. Auto Light Intensity Controller By External Light Sense Using PIC
4. Automatic Elevator With Overload Alert Using PIC
5. Automatic Plant Irrigation Using PIC
6. Automatic Railway Train Safety System
7. Bus & Truck Drunk Driving Alert Using PIC
8. Combustible Gas Detection With GSM Alert Using PIC
9. Factory Worker Alcohol Detector With Automatic Machine Shutdown
10. Flammable Gas & Fire Accident Prevention Project
11. Home Air Quality Monitoring System Project
12. Human Speed Detection Project Using Pic
13. IR Traffic Detection and Signal Manager Using PIC
14. Liquid Level Controller System Using Ultrasonic Sensor
15. Monthly Electricity Billing With Bill SMS Using PIC
16. Multi Robot Coordination For Swarm Robotics
17. Password Based Circuit Breaker Using PIC
18. PC Based Home Automation Using PIC
19. PIC Based Ultrasonic Radar
20. Prepaid Energy Meter Using PIC
21. Programmable AC Power Control Using PIC
22. RF Based Night Vision Spy Robot Using PIC
23. Robotic Vehicle Controlled By Hand Gesture Using PIC
24. Smart Crop Protection System From Animals PIC
25. Smart Road Safety and Vehicle Accident Prevention System for Mountain roads
26. TV Remote Controlled Home Automation PIC
27. Vehicle Movement Based Street Light Using PIC
28. Vehicle Theft Alert & Engine Lock System Using PIC
29. Workplace Alcohol Detector With Instant Reporting