RF & RFID Based Projects

1. 360° Filmmaking Drone For 4K HD Video
2. Accident Avoiding System Crash Detection &GPS Notification
3. Advanced Footstep Power Generation System using RFID for Charging
4. Advanced Military Spying & Bomb Disposal Robot
5. Anti Drowning System With Remote Alert
6. Attendance System Based On RFID Project
7. Auto Billing Mall Shopping Cart 8051
8. Automated RF plus IR Based Paid Parking Manager System
9. Automatic BMI Calculator Using Load Cell & Height Sensing
10. Automatic Unauthorized Parking Detector With SMS Notification To Owner
11. Automatic Whiteboard Eraser Robot
12. Automating Homes Using RF
13. Billing System Based On RFID
14. Car Parking Project Based on RFID
15. DIY 5DOF Wireless Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Gripper Arm
16. DTMF & RF Dual Controller Based Robot
17. Fire Fighter Robot with Fire Resistant Body
18. Fire Fighter Robot With Night Vision Camera
19. Fishing Drone
20. Geo Location Guide Using RF
21. Gesture Control Bicycle Indicator Gloves
22. Heart Attack Detection By Heart Beat Sensing
23. Intelligent Surveillance and Night Patrolling Drone
24. IOT Asset tracking System
25. IOT Based Toll Booth Manager System
26. IOT Mining Tracking & Worker Safety Helmet
27. IOT Paralysis Patient Health Care Project
28. IOT Prison Break Monitoring & Alerting System
29. IOT Smart Parking Using RFID
30. IOT Water Pollution Monitor RC Boat
31. Joystick Controlled Steering Mechanism Vehicle
32. Motion Based Message Conveyer For Paralytic/Disabled People
33. Motion Based Message Conveyer For Paralytic/Disabled People
34. Motion Controlled Pick & Place Obstacle Avoider Robot
35. Multi Robot Coordination For Swarm Robotics
36. Multicontroller Wheelchair Safety Android, Touch, Speech, Gesture
37. Path Planner Robot for Indoor Positioning
38. Pollution Monitoring & Source Tracker Drone
39. Raspberry Pi Speaking Bus Stop Reminder
40. Raspberry Pi Wheelchair With Safety System
41. Remote Controlled Automobile Using Rf
42. Remote Controlled Robotic Arm Using Rf
43. RF Based Night Vision Spy Robot Using PIC
44. RF Based Secure Door Opener System
45. RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle
46. RF Controlled Solar Panel Based Robotic Vehicle
47. Rf Controlled Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera
48. RF Secure Coded Communication System
49. RFID Attendance System With SMS Notification
50. RFID Based Passport Project
51. RFID Based Petrol Pump Automation System
52. RFID Based Smart Master Card For Bus Train Metro Ticketing
53. RFID Mobile Charging System
54. RFID Token Based Appointment Calling System
55. RFID Voting System Project
56. Robotic Vehicle Controlled By Hand Gesture Using PIC
57. Robotic Vehicle With Metal Detection Project
58. Rough Terrain Beetle Robot
59. Security Access Control Using RFID Project
60. Smart Shopping Trolley with Automated Billing using Arduino
61. Smart Stand-up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi & RF
62. Solar Floor Cleaner Robot
63. Solar SeaWeather and Pollution Transmitter Buoy
64. Ultrasonic Blind Stick With GPS Tracking
65. Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick
66. Water Pollution Monitoring RC Boat
67. Weather Imaging CubeSat with Telemetry Transmission
68. Wildlife Observation Robot Using Rf
69. Wireless Doorbell Calling System
70. Wireless Humanoid Bionic Arm on Robotic Vehicle
71. Wireless Patient Health Monitoring